Pancakebot Printer introduce:

1. All kinds of shapes can be made for pancake, such as, cartoons, movie characters, self shots for daily life,hand painting and so on. Anything you imagine can be formed into pancake immediately.

2. Convenient operation and simple use
Strong shape software , printing can be achieved immediately. 300 different cartoon pictures is attached.Additionally, massive characters, animals, buildings, toys and common models can be downloaded. It isunnecessary to worry about the looking of shape!
3. European quality standard, safe and easy to use Necessity of European and American families. This export product has passed European and Americanquality system certificate, which is sell to domestic market now.
220V voltage, the heating preparation of baking plate can be done within 3 minutes.
Temperature of bottom plate is adjustable, so the baking degree of pancake can be controlled as you want.
4.Large print format, which is up to 440mm x 210mm.
Coexistence of fashion and industrial sense. Any shape and figure can be freely customized for pancake by using advanced technology.

Chinese Academy of Sciences 3D printing technology was a breakthrough

pancakebot Reporters today from the Chinese Academy of Sciences was informed that the hospital fjirsm 3D printing engineering R & D center Wenxiong research group in China topped the continuous printing of 3D object key technique for rapid prototyping, and developed a continuous printing digital projection (DLP) 3D printer. The 3D printer can be within 6 minutes from the resin bath “pull” and a he
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Sino German metal 3D printing industry base officially signed a contract

pancakebot January 21, 2016, Sandi space-time and German ecological park CMC were German 3D metal printing industry base to build cooperation signing ceremony, want to build a set of R & D design, equipment development and manufacturing, the raw material for the production of various metal printing eco industrial chain collaborative, and deepen the German companies in the field of industrial 4.0 development c
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A passenger education base officially commenced 3D printing school

December 26th is a special day, easy in stereo 3D print hit off the primary school education base officially commenced! 54 students and teachers from the West experimental primary school here to experience a wonderful section of rich experience 3D printing class. During our students to explain the history of the development of 3D printing technology, pancakebot.3D modeling, 3D print applications knowledge, teachers a
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